One man crimewave at Selhurst & South Norwood Allotments

Since the beginning of July one man has been accessing the allotments during the night and breaking in to sheds.
He doesn't take any tools - he's just looking for things he can easily sell.
Here he is on his first visit after I installed the cameras.

On one of his visits he stole a small solar panel that I used to charge my phone which cost me about £20. He caused about £250 worth of mindless damage in the process.

When he visited on the morning of 30th August 2021 he finally noticed there was a camera watching him and tried to remove it. Here he is trying to remove it.

He's clearly too stupid to realise that the internet and the cloud exists. At 4:39am he decided the best thing to do instead of destroying the cameras was to set fire to my shed, probably to destroy the evidence. This act also set fire to other sheds on the site.

Here he's panicking because he's been caught on camera. You'll notice the date stamp is upside down. This is because he's knocked the camera off the shed but hasn't disconnected it. This guy is a criminal but he's not very bright.

Here's a slightly better view of his face.

This guy has gone from petty theft to criminal damage to arson in the space of 6 weeks and needs to be stopped.
Here's what he's left me with and a neighbouring allotment shed to the left both razed to the ground.
Two destroyed sheds